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Patios and decks

Patios and decks covering is engineered for patios and decks floor for exterior use as waterproofing membrane. The waterproofing membrane is manufactured to exacting standards from state-of-the-art virgin PVC compounds, antifungal agents and U.V. inhibitors. Patios and decks vinyl floorings come with a factory-applied anti-soiling acrylic top coating, designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Tested Slip Resistance

Patios and decks covering products are embossed to provide a positive slip-resistant walking surface, without being abrasive like some non-slip surfaces. DekSmart has the right amount of emboss to provide a comfortable, yet easy to clean surface.

The Long Term Waterproofing Solution

Patios and decks system provides for a proven long-term waterproofing solution to new or existing sundecks. DekSmart may be installed in any area where slip-resistance, durability and ease of maintenance are of primary concern. Because Vinyl Deck completely encapsulates the deck area, it eliminates common deck problems such as rotting, warping, or cracking, commonly associated with wood decks.

Going Where Others Fear

DekSmart Vinyl Flooring is manufactured employing maximum antifungal agents, U.V. inhibitors and fire retardants and as such is warranted to stand up to the harshest Northern and Southern climates. Vinyl Deck definitely “outsmarts the weather!”

Systems That Work

Vinyl Flooring systems are fast becoming the standard for sundeck applications, in both new construction and the renovation market. Vinyl Deck offers affordable, low-maintenance products impervious to the effects of Mother Nature. Vinyl Deck is definitely the “Knockout Punch” for your sundeck needs.

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